Jim McGie
Appalachian Craftsman


Jim McGie is a One-of-a-Kind Appalachian Craftsman who creates one-of-a-kind traditional family heirlooms.  Jim is one of only a handful of craftsmen who still work by the old ways of the Smoky Mountain woodworkers:  using only traditional hand tools.  Sitting in one of his rockers is like sitting in a piece of Smoky Mountain history.



“I love being in the woods!  That is where the piece is first visualized; the rest comes straight from the heart.  My goal is to find the wonderful unique creations of nature and combine it with my 1800’s style craftsmanship to create a rocking chair that will never have a duplicate made like it … ever!”





Jim’s Award-Winning rockers are the center-piece of many collections, including the permanent collection of the Tennessee State Museum.  Jim’s work is prized for the unique blend of art and utility which enriches the lives of those who own it and will be cherished by generations to come.  Each piece is signed and dated and has a hand-rubbed finish.  Each rocker is assigned an identification number as well.

 Jim’s affection for heritage tools and techniques has motivated his mastery of many of the hand skills once more common in the Appalachian region.  Sharing his knowledge and experience with others has always been a special thrill for Jim, keeping alive many of the old ways of traditional craftsmanship as well as cultivating the creative spirit of country living.  The best teachers have always been those in love with their work and Jim certainly is one of those people.  From his hands many have learned the thrill of hewing old-time dough bowls, spoon carving, hand tying brooms, shaving horse construction, poplar bark basketry, chair making, gathering and weaving hickory bark.





Southern Highland Craft Guild Member  



 Foothills Craft Guild Member      


   Tennessee Association of Craft Artists               

Buckhorn Ridge Studios

One of a Kind and Custom Designs 

Paula Marksbury and Jim McGie

Athens, Tennessee