Glass Installations

Beautiful Sconces on a home in Mobile AL  They are aproximately 4 ft. long and 20 inches wide.


Thanks Sybille and Peter!

Large three piece, three wave set aproximately 5 ft X 5 ft.


 In the collestion of Russ and Jenny Pierce, Chattanooga area.

This award winner found a great home!

This mirror is in a divine powder room in the South,

hanging on onyx wall,

with marble counter and gold sink accents.


One of my most challenging pieces and totally awesome when completed!

This is the night time view of a private chapel window


This was an honor to do, Thanks John



This is the daylight version of same window.


I wonderful change from day to night to keep the window always looking different.

Three sconces custom made for client starirwell.


It was a hard pic to capture but they came out great!

Custom wall two wave for a grand entryway.

This three wave wall piece is approximately 5 ft long and 20 plus inches wide.

Custom two  piece set for a guest bath wall.

Buckhorn Ridge Studios

One of a Kind and Custom Designs 

Paula Marksbury and Jim McGie

Athens, Tennessee